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Who I am ?

I am a coach, speaker and consultant in high-level marketing and digital strategies.

In a relationship for 18 years and father of 2 children.

Passionate about discovery and meeting others, nurturing in me a burning need to help make this world a better world. Animated since my earliest childhood by strong values, such as love, sharing, transmission and contribution, I am therefore committed to giving you the best to support you in your success.

Former employee at the factory, in 2007 I learned that I was going to be the father of my first child and I decided to create my computer repair company to go and conquer my freedom.

This new role of parenting awakens in me the need to be a better person and it is only natural that I turn to personal development.

In this quest, I set out to read dozens of books, and listen to audio and video on the subject for hours on end.

In order to be able to support my family, I combined my interim assignments, my new business, my VDI activity in an MLM and my personal development training.

A few years go by and I realize that despite all my actions, I am not making enough money, I am in debt and I hit rock bottom.

There is therefore an urgent need to find solutions.

In 2014, I lost my mom to devastating cancer and I realized the wonderful gift of the 86,400 seconds given to me every day.

It clicks inside me and makes me make a decision that will literally transform my life.

Entrepreneurial loneliness begins to weigh on me, I feel the need to connect with people who are like me and who dare to dream big.

At the start of 2017, I started working with international leaders in personal development such as François Lemay, Martin Latulippe, Paul Pyronnet, David Laroche, Roger Lannoy ...

Since then I have taken my place among them and I support many entrepreneurs to live freely through their businesses.

I managed from the first year to achieve a turnover of 5 figures and I now devote myself to bringing my knowledge to my neighbor.

In 2019 I am creating “Leader of your Digital Business” to allow people with expertise to live their dreams while impacting thousands of people.